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Tax Structuring for Digital Nomads

  • Find your way in the landscape of taxation
  • Best countries for digital nomads
  • Establishing tax residency as a digital nomad 
  • Assisting with compliance 

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Extensive Experience with International Tax Laws
  • Years of experience with international tax law and cross-border tax structuring 
  • Perfectly placed to assist with international taxation for digital nomads
  • Network of local partners in various countries
Digital Nomad Teaching About Taxes


As a freelancer digital nomad, I was researching about tax optimisation for months. Italian tax consultants had limited knowledge about International Tax Laws, and Internet is full of articles that only increased my questions. Hence, I'm very happy I met Stef, who went above and beyond with my case: not only Stef proposed me more solutions and guided me towards the best one, but he was also very knowledgeable about all the different challenges that a digital nomad moving to a new country could have. With his extensive experience with International Tax Laws and with Digital Nomads, I can confidently recommend Stef to any fellow nomad.
Alessandro Guidice
So glad I got in touch with Stefafter our intro call I felt far more informed about my situation as a digital nomad and Stef showed me the numerous options of where to reside my business and answered my queries on my personal tax residency, dividends, and pensions. It's great to work with someone who is also a digital nomad, is well-informed and wants to help others in optimising their tax structure and location setup. Feeling optimistic about my future growth as a digital nomad and looking forward to working with Stef again.
Aisling O'Connor
United Kingdom
If you're looking to improve your tax environment I recommend working with Stef. His broad knowledge base and responsiveness makes it a pleasure to work with. He was great bouncing ideas off for my particular situation and while not an expert in my jurisdiction he could reassure me on general principles to ensure everything above board. 
Mcklein Javeri

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