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Picture Stef Van Eysendeyk

My background

My name is Stef Van Eysendeyk and I started Digital Nomad Tax to assist fellow digital nomads with their tax structuring and tax compliance. Taxes are a complicated matter and this is even more the case for digital nomads. The reason for this is that most tax systems are not adjusted to our modern way of living and doing business. However, this also present us with opportunities that other people might not encounter.

I studied law both in Belgium (University of Antwerp) and South Africa (North-West University) with a specialization in tax law. Afterwards, I also added a postgraduate degree in estate and succession planning (Bruges Business School) and one in personal finance (International University of Monaco and EHSAL Management School) to my collection. The perfect basis for tax planning. 

The first years of my professional career I worked for two of the so-called ‘Big Four’ firms (PwC and Deloitte) and gained extensive experience regarding international tax planning for private individuals and their businesses.


Since becoming a digital nomad myself, I found out that a lot of fellow nomads had many questions around dealing with their taxes and how to set up everything in a legal but still tax efficient way. Furthermore, most fellow nomads have issues finding good advice which is adjusted to their specific situation and needs. The reason for this is that traditional tax advisors don’t necessarily understand our way of living.

From these experiences, I decided to focus on servicing fellow digital nomads regarding their questions around taxation and providing them with tailored opportunities. Digital Nomad Tax was born.

For whom?

We are all different and all have our different needs. That’s why I set up an individualised tax plan for each and everyone. I do this by taking into account your personal situation and plans. If after the first consultation or further down the process we come to the conclusion I am not able to provide you with valuable input, I will transparantly point this out to you and refer you to an advisor who is better suited to help you out. I value giving fully fledged advice and longterm collaboration over a quick sale.