Digital Nomad Tax

Tax Strategy for Digital Nomads

Tax Strategy for Digital Nomads


Once we have a clear view on your current situation, it is time to define your optimal tax structure. This tax strategy for digital nomads will be based on your actual situation and taking into account your plans ahead of you.

It is important to note that you will always be provided with options that are in line with tax regulations and thus fully legal. I do not wish to be part of any setups that are of an illegal nature. In current time, hiding assets or income does also not make sense in our opinion because sooner or later this will backfire due to increased transparency and the sharing of information between tax authorities. Times have changed.

Although tax evasion is something I don’t want to be involved in, tax avoidance is. The difference is that tax avoidance is perfectly legal as you will use tax legislation to your advantage while complying with all necessary obligations. 


By using tax laws to your advantage, you will be able to optimize your lifestyle and create more freedom for yourself. 


My hourly rate amounts to €150,00 (including taxes). However, upon request, we can discuss a fixed budget so that it is clear upfront what you will pay and what you will get for this.