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Incorporation US LLC

Incorporation US LLC


Incorporation of your US Limited Liability Company or US LLC as part of your tax strategy as a digital nomad.


There are various reasons why you would want to incorporate a US LLC as a digital nomad. The main one is that, depending on your personal tax situation, it could save you taxes.

I wrote an article about all the reasons why a US LLC could be a good structure for you. Furthermore, the article describes the different tasks that you need to go through to get everything set up.

Although, it isn’t that difficult to set up a US LLC, you probably want to work together with a respected party that takes the work out of your hands. This will also ensure you don’t miss any steps in the process. 


Therefore, we offer you to set up your US LLC for a fee of €800,00. For this one-time you get all the following services and don’t need to worry about anythin

  • Formation of the LLC;
  • Drafting of the operating agreement;
  • Applying for an Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  • Assistance with opening a corporate bank account;
  • Registration of the Beneficial Owner Information (new requirement since 2024);
  • Registered Agent for one year;
  • Mailing address for one year.