Digital Nomad Tax

Tax Compliance for Digital Nomads

Tax Compliance for Digital Nomads


Compliance requirements and the practical execution of them are very specific. In addition, you mostly need to undertake them in the local language. Therefore, I work together with a wide network of local advisors who can take care of tax compliance for digital nomads so minimal effort is required from your side. This will enable you to focus on the matters that are important to you. 

Tax compliance entails amongst others:


  • Filing your personal income return;
  • Filing the corporate income tax return (if applicable);
  • Taking care of the filing of VAT / sales tax return (if applicable);
  •  Dealing with your bookkeeping (if required)


Tax compliance for digital nomads is the capstone of your tax structure. You can set up the best structures imaginable, if you don’t comply with your compliance obligations this might jeopardize everything. All effort and money down the drain.

I have seen it before. Advisors think out the most brilliant strategy for their client who doesn’t follow up on the actual implementation and compliance obligations that follow out of it. This isn’t any better than not taking any action at all and will make all previous work redundant.


The cost of compliance will depend on your tax strategy and the country/countries involved. Therefore, it is hard to give a general overview of this. Nevertheless, I’m happy to discuss this over email or during a call.