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The Beckham Law Spain: Unlocking Tax Benefits

The Beckham Law Spain, named after the famous English footballer David Beckham, is a tax regulation that has enticed numerous international athletes, professionals, and celebrities to make Spain their new home.

However, digital nomads can also benefit from this tax regime.

Introduced in 2005, this legislation offers significant tax advantages to those who qualify.

It aims to attract talent and boost the country’s economy.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricacies of the Beckham Law Spain. I’ll shed a light on its requirements, benefits, and some frequently asked questions.

Understanding the Beckham Law Spain

The Beckham Law Spain allows qualified individuals to elect for a fixed tax rate on their professional income.

This tax rate is significantly lower than the standard rates applicable to Spanish residents.

Therefore, it makes it an appealing option for digital nomads who want to relocate to Spain.

Let’s explore the key aspects of this law.

Eligibility criteria for the Beckham Law Spain

The first criterium to benefit from the Beckham Law is that you must establish your tax residence in Spain by relocating to the country.

Second, you only qualify if you weren’t a Spanish tax resident during the last five tax years.

Consequently, if you are already a Spanish tax resident, you will need to leave Spain for five years before you can return and apply for these tax benefits.

You can apply for the benefits of the Beckham Law in different capacities.

You can apply as an emloyee who can work remotely, you can apply as a director of a company, as an entrepreneur or even as a family member of someone who falls under one of the aforementioned categories.

For each of those categories, different eligibility criteria apply though. In general, the easiest path is as an employee.

Tax benefits of the Beckham Law Spain

Under this regulation, qualified individuals can opt for a fixed income tax rate of 24% on your first €600.000.

This rate is considerably lower than the progressive income tax rates applicable to Spanish residents. The normal rates can reach up to 47%, depending on the region you are living in.

If you surpass the threshold of €600.000, you will pay 47% on the excess amount.

Foreign income other than professional income will not be subject to Spanish taxes.

If you would receive investment income (e.g. dividends) in Spain or from a Spanish source, you will have to pay progressive taxes on this income.

Thus, the rate depends on the amount of income. The basic rate is 19% up to an income of €6.000. Up to €50.000 the rate is 21%. The rates further increase up to 28% if you earn more than €300.000 in investment income.

You can benefit from this tax regime for the tax year you move to Spain and the following five years.

Afterwards, you’ll fall again under the default tax rules.

Yet, you always have the possibility to look for an adventure in another country with other tax benefits.

Requirements and obligations

You should formally request the application of the Beckham Law within six months of establishing residency in Spain.

This is something to keep in mind because you will probably have a lot going on the first months after your move. Also keep in mind that it will take time to collect all necessary documents and let your advisor prepare your filing.

Therefore, it is best to already start the document collection prior to your actual move.

Advantages of the Beckham Law Spain

The primary advantage of the Beckham Law is the significant reduction in tax liability.

This allows you to retain a larger portion of your income. The fixed tax rate provides stability and predictability. This enables you to plan your finances effectively.

Irrespective of the tax benefits, Spain offers a remarkable quality of life. The country has a pleasant climate, rich culture, and diverse landscapes. Consequently, it is an attractive destination for many digital nomads.

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FAQs about the Beckham Law Spain

Can anyone benefit from the Beckham Law Spain?

No, only individuals who meet the specific eligibility criteria and fulfill the necessary obligations can enjoy the tax benefits under this law.

Are there any specific professions that qualify for the Beckham Law Spain?

The original version of the law mainly targetted international athletes and entertainers.

However, the law changed quite a bit since it was introduced. Therefore, the law now also caters for all sort of digital nomads.

Hence, there is no specific profession that is excluded from the application of the Beckham Law.

Can I apply for the Beckham Law if I have already established residency in Spain?

No, you must submit your application within six months of becoming a tax resident of Spain.

Furthermore, you don’t qualify if you were already a Spanish tax resident during the past five years.

Is the Beckham Law Spain permanent or subject to change?

Tax regulations are subject to amendments over time.

The Beckham Law, for example, was introduced in 2005. Nevertheless, I was subject to changes. The last changes came into effect in 2023.

It goes without saying, it’s important to always look at the current version of the law. Therefore, you need to be cautious with outdated articles you will find out there.

The amendment of the Beckham Law in 2023 broadened its scope. This demonstrates the Spanish government’s commitment to attract international talent.


The Beckham Law Spain has been a game-changer not only for for international athletes and celebrities but also for digital nomads seeking to optimize their tax burden while enjoying the vibrant Spanish lifestyle.

By choosing this tax scheme, eligible individuals can benefit from a fixed tax rate, significant tax savings, and the opportunity to thrive in a country renowned for its cultural heritage and quality of life.

Remember, before making any decisions regarding taxation, it is advisable to consult with a qualified tax professional.

In this way you can ensure compliance with all legal requirements and maximize the benefits provided by the Beckham Law Spain.

Embrace the opportunities that this law presents and embark on a new chapter of your professional and financial journey in Spain!

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